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"Triple Guinness World Record Holder" (Hat-trick)      
Iravai Vasanthaala Ghazal Gaanam-1986-2008

About “Ghazal Maestro” Dr. Ghazal Srinivas

The First singer to sing in more than 100 world languages

A Gifted Genius and Pioneer of Telugu Ghazals

Ghazal Srinivas divinely gifted genius hails from Palakol, West Godavari District, in Andhra Pradesh. He has scaled the heights of International Fame as Prince and Pioneer of singing Telugu Ghazals. Srinivas has been singing and performing Telugu Ghazals since 1986. He has developed a unique style of his own-a care free, effortless and sonorous singing. He makes use of Kanjeera, a common instrument, as his only accompaniment. Characteristically Ghazal Srinivas analyzes each stanga of the Ghazal that he sings and brings out the hidden literary beauty of it as he explains to the audience.

Ghazals borne in the heart long after…

Srinivas’ rich melodious voice and inspiring message of his Ghazals make them ring in the hearts of the audience long after his concerts, thus every concert becomes an experience by itself. The transportation in the concert is such that the audience begin to believe that the Ghazals sung by him are about themselves.

Listening to Ghazal Srinivas is an Expereince

Every member of the audience will feel that "Its a great Experience" after listening to Ghazal Srinivas's concert. Dr Srinivas sings on various topics related to feelings of human emotions He performs on "the sweet memories of our village, Childhood, friendships, Mother land, Parents and human emotions. Every minute of his concert is a great unforgettable moment for audience. He enthralls and inspires people of all ages in the gathering.

A New Guinness Word Record Holder

Dr Ghazal Srinivas created a new Guinness World Record and Limca Record by singing in 100 songs in 100 world languages in a Live concert held at Vijayawada on Gandhi Hills in the month of June 2008 as a "Musical Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi for World Peace.

He also released an audio album "The Path of Mahatma Gandhi" 125 world languages in 125 songs

World class singer and Crowd Puller

Ghazal Srinivas rightfully belongs to the worldclass singers of Ghazals. Through his mesmerizing concerts he enchanted the audience in his marvelous performances in United States of America, England, Wales, Scotland, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, Australia,Sri Lanka, Muscat, Oman, Abudabi.Mexico,Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan and so on. Until now he has given over 6000 performances. He also entertains the audience with Hindi and Urdu Ghazals during his concerts.


Ghazal Srinivas has taken his B.A. in Political Science from Andhra University. Afterwards He has completed a Degree in Library Science from University of Madras. Further he rendered his services as a Librarian in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bheemavaram and Sainik School, Korukonda for a period of over a decade.

The Happy Family- A Back bone and Inspiration

Sri Narisimha Rao and Ratnavali are the proud parents of Srinivas. Surekha is his life partner. Srinivas and Surekha are blessed with a daughter Sanskrithi.

Eight years old Sanskrithi has been performing telugu ghazals since 2003. She has been considered as Child Prodigy.


An Honorary Doctorate in the field of Performing Arts conferred on Srinivas by Cosmopolitan university, Missouri, USA in the year of 2005

Honorary Doctorate Cultural & Brand Ambassador

Dr Ghazal Srinvas conferred Honorary Doctorate from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh in the Year 2008 for his contribution to Art of Ghazal singing and world peace.

Cultural & Brand Ambassador

Dr Srinivas served Lanco Group of Industries as a "Cultural and Brand Ambassador from 2000 -2003

Honorary Adviser for Rural Development

Dr Ghazal Srinivas served Govt of Andhra Pradesh as an Adviser Comunications for Rural Development from 2005-2007

Brand Ambarssador and Adviser for Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association

Dr Ghazal Srinivas has been serving as a Brand Ambassador and Adviser for Andhra Pradesh Olympic Association since 2008. He has been creating the spirit of Olympic games among the youth through his inspiring ghazals and dedication.


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