Ghazal Srinivas for Peace

Dr Ghazal Srinivas strongly believes in the philosophy of Mahatma Gandh’s Satyagraha and Non-violence. He has written many a play lets on the teachings of Mahatma.

Dr Srinivas has been organizing and performing his ghazal concerts in all the central and district prisons of Andhra Pradesh since year 2000, to reform the inmates towards a positive side of life. He brought a great change among the prisoners with his peace message oriented songs and preaching’s. He strongly believed in the words of Gandhi “Hate crime but not criminals’. Those messages took Ghazal Srinivas closer to the prisoners and understand feelings of prisoners. Dr Ghazal Srinivas receives numeral of letters from prisoners with message of their realization.

Dr Ghazal Srinivas took part in the peace March for 1538 km for 58 days lead by Dr Sandeep Pandey from New Delhi to Multan (Pakistan) in 2005. Dr Srinivas made an audio album “Shanthi yatra” in Hindi and urdu languages, launched by former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam in Rashtrapathi Bhavan, dedicated to Indo-Pakistan peace and friendship. Dr Ghazal srinivas performed his peace songs in schools, colleges, universities and meetings during the peace walk. Dr Sandeep pandey always says “ Dr Ghazal Srinivas is the voice for the Peace

In 2006 Dr Ghazal Srinivas participated in south Asia visa free conference in Lahore, Pakistan with Dr Sandeep Pandey. He gave concerts in universities and colleges on the message of peace and non-violence. He also took part in Hunger strike for visa free south Asia. His active role in hunger strike created waves in Pakistan. He released audio album “Shanthi Yatra-2 during the hunger strike with message of peace and friendship.

In 2007 Dr Ghazal srinivas took a active role in centenary celebrations of Satyagraha philosophy. He participated In cycle rally named “satyagraha sandesh Yatra’ from Sabarmathi Ashram to Porbandar. He made an audio album ‘’Satyagraha sandesh yatra” in Hindi and Gujarathi languages to commemorate with Satyagraha centenary celebrations. Album was launched by Smt Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson,member of parliament and President AICC at Devghad Baarye, Gujarat. Dr Srinivas spent valuable time in sabarmathi Ashram and conceived the audio album “satyagraha sandesh yatra” which highlights the path of Mahatma Gandhi.

In 2008 Dr Ghazal Srinivas, created Historic achievement of a Guinness world record for singing 100 languages in 100 s songs in musical concert organized on the top of the hills of Gandhi in Vijayawada. He gave musical tribute to Mahatma Gandhi in world languages ie 56 indian languages and 44 foreign languages. The 9 hours concert was well attended by thousands of audience.

In 2009 Dr Ghazal Srinivas took a peace mission in war torn country Afghanistan for 14 days in months of September and October. He gave inspiring peace concert for the people of Afghans in Kabul organized by Maiwand bank. He released an audio album “ Doosti-Sol’ in Dari, Pashto, Balochi , Hindi and urdu languages and dedicated to Indo-Afghan peace and friendship. He gave peace concerts in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan womens peace conference organized by Nelson Mandela Foundation of New Delhi, peace concert in Indian Embassy auditorium of Kabul organized by Indian Embassy andInternational Non-violence conference held at bagh-e-babur organized by ministry of foreign affairs ministry of Afghanistan. Dr srinivas made great impressions on the hearts of afghan people with peace songs and impressive approach.

Dr Ghazal Srinivas made an audio album “The Path of Mahatma Gandhi” in 125 languages in 125 songs (65 foreign languages and 60 indian languages) dedicated for world peace is an another Guinness world records. He composed song in telugu language and later its got translated ino world languages. With same theme and musical composition. The theme of all the songs are the philosophy of mahatma Gandhi, non-violence etc.

Earlier stages of his career

In the year 1986 he has written a Play in Telugu, Hindi and English titled “Fourth Monkey”. It has won Awards in National level competions. Do not see bad, do not hear bad, do not speak the bad were the messages of three monkey’s that Mahatma introduced to the people. Dr srinivas introduces Fourth monkey as ideology of Mahatma and it says “do not do the bad “.

Dr Ghazal Srinivas has written another play in telugu, Hndi and english titled “Waiting for Mahatma” which gives message that’ One should not wait for Mahatma! And every one should be the embodiment of the philosophy of Mahatma.

And this playlet one many a Awards.

As lover of peace, Dr Ghazal Srinivashas been working on peace since more than two decades. He was main instrument for Bharatiya vidya bhavan’s, Bhimavaram for its Kendra activities which promotes Indian culture and peace. He conducted birth centenary celebrations of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji, Kulapathi KM Munshi, Sri Govind vallabh panth very successfully.

Dr Ghazal Srinivas conducted a 40 years independence day celebrations in grand a way by taking harmony march in Bhimavaram with 15000 school and college students in the year 1987.

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